Exclusive Interview with Designer Michael de Bono – Father of the BMW Concept Active Tourer

At the Paris Motor Show, I had the opportunity to speak with Michael de Bono. The Englishman was responsible for the exterior design of the BMW 3 series Touring and the BMW Concept Active Tourer. We talked about the differences of the both cars, the challenge of designing the Concept, and what the Concept makes a real BMW.
I hope you enjoy the it – you can read the exclusive interview at BMWBlog.com.

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From Paris. With Love.

Remember this one?
Yes, it’s the carbon body of the coming BMW i3. To be more concrete, it’s the same carbon body that stood in Paris until last Sunday. Since Wednesday it now has a place at the all new BMW Welt in Munich.
More details will follow during the next days!

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Do you know this little guy?
It’s a british bulldog. But a special one.
It is, at all, THE ONLY british bulldog. At least for MINI enthusiasts.
The soft toy dressed in black with MINI dog-collar is one of the most wanted accessoire for MINI fans. More than 60,000 of these little guys found a new home during the year… ! What’s a teddy bears in comparison to that? ;-)

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The End is The Beginning Is (not) The End.

Anyone remembering the U2 Song?
Well… Howbeit the Paris Motor Show 2012 has endet with sensational 1.231.416 visitors – this is not the end for us at the moment. Why? Because I have to tell you some more things. For example, How I Met…, not actually your mother, but some very interesting people. So stay tuned!

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This. Is NBC.

Bonjour Madame. Bonjour NBC.
We hope you enjoyed the stay at the BMW stand …

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BMW M5 in Frozen Grey Metallic.

Still an amazing car: The BMW M5.
Since its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year, the BMW M5 is a car that takes breathes away. Still. And I guess, I’m not the only one who can’t stop looking at it…

Here in Paris it gets a lot of attention due its news non-shine color. In BMW language, its Frozen Grey Metallic. And I really enjoy the frozen colors at BMW. You too? Than come with me and lets take a short tour around the car. And if you still can’t get enough, BimmerToday has a lllloooootttt of pics! ;)

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BMW ActiveHybrid 3: The BMW with two hearts

The best of two worlds: the BMW ActiveHybrid 3 combines the best BMW TwinPower Turbo inline six-cylinder engine with an efficient electric drive and an eight-gear automatic. The result is a unique BMW.

Like the BMW ActiveHybrid 5, the hybrid version of the BMW 3 Series is powered by the award-winning BMW in-line six-cylinder engine. The Otto-engine – which is used in the BMW 335i as well – has been honoured twice in a row with the international “Engine of the Year Award” and has won many fans in recent years. Now it is supplemented by an electric motor that provides the BMW 3 Series with an additional dynamic and much-improved efficiency.

The BMW 3 Series ActiveHybrid is being exhibited next to its sister vehicles from the BMW 5 Series and BMW 7 Series. The electric motor in all three draws its power from a lithium-ion high-performance battery located under the trunk between the wheel housings. The battery is charged while driving by means of an energy recovery system.

The electric motor boosts the power of the BMW TwinPower Turbo inline six-cylinder by up to 40 kW (54 hp), which leads to a maximum system output of 250 kW (340 hp). The BMW hybrid can thus accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in a standstill in 5.3 seconds. By comparison: the batteryless and electric motorless BMW 335i sedan manages this sprint in the same time, but at a cost of up to 30% more fuel.

Read more…

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BMW Concept Active Tourer – What the net thinks

The star BMW at the Paris Motor Show is undoubtedly the BMW Concept Active Tourer. It has attracted many a look and camera eye. And many opinions. Because it is a premier for BMW. A car with which the company is writing history.
This is not only a new space concept, it is above all a technological development that is unique for BMW: it is a front-wheel drive! This is anything but normal for BMW fans and drivers. Only a few manufacturers still design their cars as rear-wheel drives, the front-wheel drives have all the advantages in terms of weight, technology and use of space.

The additional development costs alone are a disadvantage for the rear-wheel drive. Then comes the use of space (power needs to be transferred from the engine to the back wheels after all), and the additional weight of the additional components.

But BMW has continued to build rear-wheel drive vehicles and has carved out a unique position for itself on the market that way. The BMW Concept Active Tourer breaks with this tradition, and does so with set goal in mind.
The new vehicle transports the core values of the brand – joie de vivre, dynamism and a self-confident design – into a new market.
But it is a rough road lined by stereotypes.

Even if it is as of yet difficult to say anything about driving characteristics or driving dynamics, loyal BMW fans have their doubts. Or am I wrong?
I’ve collected a few opinions from the depths of the net to see what others think of the Concept.

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It is about half-time in Paris at the Motor Show – time to wrap up some different views from here, isn’t it?
Here are some of the best Instagram-shots I’ve found using the #BMWParis or #ParisMotorShow Hashtag – hope you enjoy them. I did. If you click on the pictures you get to the original.

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“NOT NORMAL” – the new MINI brand campaign

With the launch of the new Paceman MINI also started a new brand campaign. The new claim: “NOT NORMAL”.
The worldwide campaign conveys the brand’s individual, high-energy attitude to life. “NOT NORMAL” shines the spotlight on MINI’s strong, independent character – driving a MINI is expressing the way you live.

Alongside the classic communication channels, the campaign will also run online – especially in the social media. Users will be integrated into the images of the online film and print motifs and will themselves become part of MINI. As of this NOT NORMAL belongs everywhere. At first there is a new Facebook-App – the NOT NORMAL RIDE. You there can choose a city, choose a style and get ready to ride in a MINI branded with your face!

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