BMW Concept Active Tourer

New possibilities

With the new BMW Concept Active Tourer, a vehicle concept is being is presented in Paris that in terms of technology is equipped with a version of the new BMW eDrive motor. The system includes a three-cylinder combustion engine as well as an electric motor with a combined output of 140 kW/190 hp.

For many fans the three-cylinder engine will be the focus of attention. BMW recently presented its first three-cylinder motor to various journalists and bloggers for a test drive.

With the exception of the next generation MINI, BMW has not yet revealed, which models will be equipped with the new three-cylinder engine. Just this: The BMW i8 will be equipped with a high-performance version of the engine.

Here we come full circle to the BMW Concept Active Tourer. Even if the vehicle is still in the design stage, under the hood you will find a universal version of the BMW eDrive also found in the BMW i8.

For BMW in the development of the three-cylinder engine is not primarily a result of downsizing, as Dr. Bernado Lopez, Head of Drivetrain Evolution at BMW, says in an interview with Rather, it is a matter of new possibilities: “The three-cylinder is closely related to the six-cylinder, both in terms of acoustics and vibrations, as well as in terms of responsiveness.
The three cylinders of a three-cylinder engine function is such away that the exhaust flows of the individual cylinders are largely separated from one another; allowing for a good response to load variation,” adds Lopez.

The new developments from Munich make one lust for more.
Horatiu Boeriu from BMWBlog wrote: “The throttle’s responsiveness reminds us [...] of the larger six-cylinder, with quick sprints, essentially minimal turbo lag and plenty of power at low RPMs. Did we already mention torque? Yes, it’s there and strong.” In german magazine FOCUS we can read: “Applause for the little racer is in order after a brisk drive on the course on the airfield Fürstenfeldbruck [...] snappy responsiveness, pull through almost from the very start, snappy power development, sporty sound.”And Joachim Staat from german AutoBILD wrote: An doubts about sportiness are quickly dispelled. [...] This three-cylinder is worthy of the blue and white logo.”

As far as the heart of the BMW Concept Active Tourer goes, fans can be sure not to be disappointed. It has bite – and a hard bite at that…

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